Cleaner Casey Has A Bad Day
Cleaner Casey turns up for work wearing a casual green tee shirt with dark blue jeans with socks and white trainers. Poor Casey's day goes from bad to worse, from splashing herself with the hose to falling in the pool.

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Happy Poppy's Hot Tub Dip
Happy smiley Poppy takes a dip in our inflatable garden hot tub. Poppy wears her own chino style jeans with burgundy top, socks and trainer pumps, which she removes to show off her wet socks. Poppy gets wet slowly, showing off her great colour changing outfit.

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Cute Amie Showers in Jeans
Cute Amie showers and washes her hair in the middle of the old airfield. Amie wears her own great tight blue denim jeans with socks and trainers and a cute animal camisole top.

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Beautiful Emily Street Showers In A Perfect Outfit
Emily showers and washes her hair on the streets of Bristol. Emily wears her own great high waist blue denim jeans with an off the shoulder white linen top, ankle socks and trainers.

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Sky Swims Around In Jeans
Sky swims around in the villa pool, getting in and out to show off her outfit as it gets wetter and wetter. Sky wears a black polar neck tight fitting jumper with figure hugging burgundy jeans with a sequin stripe and strappy heels which Sky removes, showing off her bare feet.

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Millie Washes Her Hair
Millie wears her own black skintight jeans with flowery top and heels for a soaking and wash by the outdoor hose.

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Absolutely Stunning Scene Of Sky In White Jeans
This scene of Sky is shot by Casey. Sky really enjoys getting wet in this beautiful Greek Lagoon. Sky wears simple tight white jeans with a black tee shirt, which shows off her amazing stomach, with trainers and socks.

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