Casey Rocking The SandraDee Look
Casey plays in the pool. Casey wears wetlook leggings with wedged sandals, shoulderless top and leather jacket.

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Zara Showers In Wetlook Leggings
Happy lovely Zara showers and washes her hair in the outdoor shower. Zara wears wetlook leggings with socks and ankle boots a vest top and great military style jacket.

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Sky's White Shirt And Black Ski Pants Wet
Sky washes her hair with a view. Sky wears a great white shirt with black ski pants, tights underneath and heels.

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Rachel Wears Her Spotty White Flare Trousers In The Sea
Rachel wears her spotty white high waisted flared trousers with short, tight black top and heels in the sea.

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Kay Washes Her Hair, Then Takes A Dip
Kay wears her own tight jeans with light coloured bodysuit and heels into the outdoor shower to wash her lovely long hair. Kay then takes a dip in the swimming and paddling pools.

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Future updates

Millie's First Wet Jeans Shoot
Millie braves Marine Lake wearing jeans with a casual tee shirt and trainers.

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Kay And Zara Cool Off
Kay wears a white tee shirt with tight jeans and ankle boots. Zara wears a slouch tee shirt, jeans with socks and trainers. The girls splash and cool down in the sea.

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