Lovely Zara Swims In Classic Black Jeans
Zara takes a dip in both the swimming and paddling pools, playing on the lilo. Zara wears black jeans with rips in the knees. Teamed with a white shirt and heels, which she does remove, showing off her bare feet.

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Casey Wears Her Dungarees In Our Hot Tub
The lovely Casey wears her own blue dungarees with white long sleeved tight top on underneath. Smiley Casey is also wearing socks and trainers. Casey slowly dips herself into the water, turning and emerging regularly to show off her outfit.

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Amie Takes A Dip In Marine Lake
Amie takes a dip in Marine Lake. Amie wears her own blue tight jeans with floral camisole top, socks and trainer pumps. Amie gets in and out a Lake a few times and removed her trainers, showing off her wet socks.

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Sky Dances In White Combat Pants
Sky dances under the villas outdoor shower and washes her hair. Sky wears a very sexy black short top, which shows off her stomach. Sky also wears great white combat pants, that do what white does so well:) Sky also wears heels.

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Casey Wears White Levis In The Sea
Casey takes a dip in the sea wearing white Levis with a shiny hoodie, socks and trainers.

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Cassie Hoses Herself In Combats
Cassie wears her own dark green combat trousers with a lovely colour changing yellow top, socks and trainers. Cassie hoses herself off outside on the grass. Cassie is great at showing off her whole outfit.

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Sky Swims Around In Jeans
Sky swims around in the villa pool, getting in and out to show off her outfit as it gets wetter and wetter. Sky wears a black polar neck tight fitting jumper with figure hugging burgundy jeans with a sequin stripe and strappy heels which Sky removes, showing off her bare feet.

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