Carly's Bus Stop Hose Down
Carly gets hosed off in a bus top and washes her hair. Carly wears her own jumper top, jeans, socks and trainers.

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Rhian And Sky Photo Shoot
Rhian and Sky do a studio photo shoot of each other in the studio pool. Both girls are dressed in casual jeans and jumpers.

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Satin Sisters In The Studio Hot Tub
Sisters Leia and Kayla take a dip in the studio hot tub. Both girls wear satin blouses and leather pants with heels. Both girls remove their heels for the scene, so great for bare feet fans.

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Carly Lazes In Ripped Jeans And A Tee
Carly lazes in the sea wearing ripped jeans a cool tee shirt, socks and trainers.

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Poppy Showers In Her Black Tight Jeans
Poppy showers on the street wearing her own great tight black jeans with a casual tee shirt and ankle boots.

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Future updates

Lovely Poppy White Blouse, Black Jeans In The Sea
Lovely Poppy wears skin tight black jeans with a white blouse, tights and boots, which Poppy removes to show off her hosiery toes. Poppy then takes a dip in the sea, getting in and out to show off her outfit.

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