Oct 14
Amazing Ania Lays In The Sea!
Ania lazes in the sea and then showers on the beach. Ania wears great tight jeans with a polar neck jumper, blazer and heels.
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Oct 07
Charlotte Shampoos On The Street!
Charlotte washes her hair and clothes with a hose pipe. Charlotte wears casual detailed jeans with a long sleeved tight top, socks and trainers.
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Sep 30
Amber White Jeans And Boots In The sea!
Amber chills out in her tree house. Amber wears white jeans, boots and a floaty vest top in the sea.
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Sep 23
Casey Relaxes In The Tub After Work!
Casey wear a gorgeous colour changing silk blouse with black suit trousers and heels.
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Sep 16
Stunning Corrine Wears White Jeans!
Corrine wears her own white jeans with black body suit and heels in a gorgeous rockpool.
221 hi-res photos    1 video clip

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