Feb 23
Emily Showers In High Waisted Ripped Jeans
Emily showers on a bridge wearing her own high waisted ripped jeans with off the shoulder bodysuit and heels.
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Feb 16
Leia Wears Her Leggings In The Sea
Leia wears a tee shirt, leggings and trainers in the sea.
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Feb 09
Working At The Van Wash:)
Kay and Zara are told to clean the van at the end of our wet look trip. The girls are rubbish at cleaning the van, but have a pretty good time cleaning each other!
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Feb 02
Rachel Hosed In Black Jeans
Rachel is hosed down, with a stunning view in the back ground. Rachel wears black tight ripped jeans with a white bodysuit and heels.
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Jan 26
Sky's Workout Cool Down
Sky wears her gym clothes in an outdoor shower.
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