May 19
Sky's High Waisted White Jeans!
Sky rolls around in the sea, wearing high waisted white jeans with a tight jumper, socks and pumps.
208 hi-res photos    1 video clip

May 12
Charlotte Takes A Casual Street Shower!
Charlotte showers on the street wearing baggy jeans with a jumper, socks and trainers.
73 hi-res photos    1 video clip

May 05
Corrine Boots And Pool!
Corrine wears her skinny jeans with a red body suit, socks and boots. In The villa pool.
212 hi-res photos    1 video clip

Apr 28
Jade In Black Skinny Jeans.
Jade goes in the garden pool wearing her own black skinny jeans with belly top and heels.
93 hi-res photos    1 video clip

Apr 21
Amber's High Waisted Jeans In The Lake!
Amber lazes around in the water wearing high waisted light blue jeans with bralette, cardigans, socks and trainers.
194 hi-res photos    1 video clip

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