Jan 14
Rachel In Her Own Baggy Jeans!
Plays in two fountains. Rachel wears her own high waisted baggy jeans with her own polar neck top and jacket, with socks and trainers.
218 hi-res photos    1 video clip

Jan 07
Lauren Gets Wet in a sexy sheer top and lycra leggings!
Lauren gets hosed down and goes in the pool in the very sexy tight outfit! There is a lot of wardrobe malfunction in this clip!
118 hi-res photos    1 video clip

Dec 31
Alice Casually Rolls In A Pool!
Wearing a tight top with tight light jeans, socks and trainers.
223 hi-res photos    1 video clip

Dec 24
Lila Soaked On The Sea Front
Lila is wearing shiny red jeans and a grey top with heels.
149 hi-res photos    1 video clip

Dec 17
Megan Hosed Off In The Pool!
Wearing her own gym wear!
736 hi-res photos    1 video clip

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