Jan 20
Cassie Colourful In The Fountain!
Cassie wears a lime polar neck with light blue jeans and heels in the Greek fountain.
193 hi-res photos    1 video clip

Jan 13
Mia's Baggy White Jeans!
Mia wears baggy white jeans with socks and converse, with a tee-shirt in the the lake.
325 hi-res photos    1 video clip

Jan 06
Sky's Sexy Tight Jumpsuit With Jacket!
Sky wears a light, tight jumpsuit with leather jacket and heels in the pool. (braless)
296 hi-res photos    1 video clip

Dec 30
Cassie Blue Jeans In The Sea!
Cassie wears her own blue jeans and casual colour changing top (no bra) and heels in the sea.
327 hi-res photos    1 video clip

Dec 23
Liz Wetlook Leggings And Shirt In The Sea!
Liz gets splashed in the sea, wearing a light shirt with wetlook leggings and heels. Liz also washed off in the shower.
364 hi-res photos    1 video clip

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